President Obama campaigns for Hillary at PNC Music Pavilion, pushes for early voting

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It's shaping up to be a big night in the Queen City as the road to the White House runs right through Charlotte. President Barack Obama is moments away from speaking at the PNC Music Pavilion. 

"I'm excited. I'm excited to see Obama...OBAMA!" the crowd cheered while entering the building. 

Thousands filled into the PNC Pavilion Thursday - their last chance to hear President Obama speak as he campaigns for Hillary Clinton.

"This is probably the most important election that has ever been done," one Clinton supporter said. 

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Many are hoping to see big changes after the election. 

"We have made so much progress and I just want to see more progress," another said. 

As the final days before the election tick away - the only way to foster that change is to get out and vote. 

"If you are sitting home, listen to me! If we don't vote, things are going to happen that you are not going to like," another Clinton supporter said.