President Trump sends copy of signed bill to NC soldier who fought for the legislation

A North Carolina green Beret battling stage four cancer got a special surprise from President Donald Trump this week. 

Sfc. Richard Stayskal and his attorney Natalie Khawam helped get a bill signed into law that gives active-duty military members the right to be compensated for negligent medical care. 

Stayskal fought for the legislation after a military doctor told him he had pneumonia when it was actually lung cancer. He says had he known about his cancer earlier, he may have been able to take action before it became stage four terminal. 

More than a year ago Stayskal first told his story of botched care to FOX 46 and this week, sixteen months after this battle began, President Donald Trump sent Stayskal a copy of the bill signed into law. 

After the legislation was passed, Stayskal filed his claim, making him the first active-duty soldier to seek compensation from the government for medical malpractice.