Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Visits Shelby

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was in Shelby this afternoon to meet voters and give them a better idea of where he stands on certain issues.

At Bethel Baptist Church, the Iowa governor addressed national security and emphasized his stance against abortion, issues he says that are plaguing the country and will be an “extraordinary

 “They're worried about the future of their kids and grandkids, worried not only economically, but I think they're worried about their sense of security, whether they feel safe anymore,” he said about Americans.

Some audience members seemed to agree.

“I'm very concerned over the future of our country and I hope that we can find a leader in our country that can really save the country because were in dire straits.”

“I won’t say I’m scared but very alert to my surroundings I just feel like I need to protect myself and my wife more so than I've ever had before,” said Shelby resident Al Carralli.

Huckabee spoke of terrorism, saying the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that radical Islam is to blame.

“If we're going to defeat them, let's call them out, let's go after them, take them down, let's bomb every supply lien that they have and rid the planet of this insidious cancer that cannot be negotiated or dealt with any other way their destruction.”

Huckabee says Americans also fed up with their government.

“They're angry we send people to congress, we asked them to please stop things like Planned Parenthood funding that butchers babies. We ask them to stop bringing Syrian refugees in and then congress goes up there - even the republicans - and pushes the very things that the people said not to do so there's a frustration level that is just so sky high.”

Huckabee told audience members that America needs a president who will bring morality back to the country, starting with taking action against abortion.

“How can God bless America when we have destroyed 60 million unborn babies in the mother's room in this nation?” Huckabee asked the audience nearing the end of his speech.

“He can’t enforce that enough we can kill babies and then bring in more people I mean it doesn't fit you don't bring in refugees but you killing of babies and just doesn't match,” said Sharon Carralli of Shelby.

Huckabee wrapped up his speech encouraging folks to vote for someone like himself who has the experience to be commander in chief.