Presidential Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina visits Winthrop

Carly Fiorina held an event at Winthrop University Wednesday night where she spoke to more than 200 supporters.

"The professional political class has let you down.  They have failed us.  75% of the American people now believe the federal government is corrupt.  82% of the American people believe we have a professional political class that cares more about the preservation of its own: power, privilege and position, then on getting anything done," Fiorina said.

Fiorina also visited South Carolina's Republican Party headquarters to officially file her paperwork for the state's first in the south primary. 

Fiorina is giving front runner Donald Trump a run for his money. She is focusing on re-claiming the second place spot after being knocked out in the latest poll by Dr. Ben Carson.

Susan Roberts, Davidson political science professor says Fiorina's visit and success in South Carolina is well planned and crucial to her campaign. The republican landscape could be changing.

Before Fiorina visited Winthrop she was in Lexington, SC telling people that the federal government should play no role in the minimum wage debate.