Price gouging laws remain in effect during, after hurricane

Credit: WJZY

Price gouging laws remain in effect in North Carolina and South Carolina.

"Unfortunately there are businesses who take advantage of the situation and try to make an extra buck," said Attorney General Josh Stein. "That is against the law in North Carolina nad my office will enforce that."

As preparations continue for Hurricane Florence, if you see inflated prices for things you need to survive the storm like gas, food, water and some construction services (if a tree falls on your house, for example), it's illegal, according to Stein.

"Most businesses want to do the right thing," said Stein. "So if people are seeing price gouging let our office know so we can get them into compliance right away."

Each violation carries a $5000 fine. Stein says his office will seek restitution for victims. 

Price gouging laws stay in effect for at least 45 days after the storm.

You can file a complaint at 

For North Carolina, call: 1-877-5-NO-SCAM

For South Carolina, call: 1-803-737-3953