'Princess' rescues teenage girl from men claiming to be police officers in York County

Photo: York County Animal Shelter

A family dog named 'Princess' saved a teenage girl from two men who were claiming to be police officers in York County. 

According to the York County Animal Shelter, the pup was a hero for her family. The family said that two men claiming to be police officers approached their house this week. "They had no identification, were not in uniform, and the car was not marked," they said. 

Princess was home with the family's teenage daughter. The men tried to approach and Princess got in front and warned the men to stay away. When the rest of the family got home, they confirmed that no police had been dispatched to their address.

Princess' family thinks the situation would have been different if not for Princess staying right with their daughter to protect her.

"Princess had a very rough start to life and was very shy in the shelter but today she became a hero for her family," the animal shelter said. "We always believed in you, Princess."