Pro-Syrian Refugee protest in Uptown denounces McCrory's stance

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Protesters gathered in Uptown Tuesday speaking out against Governor Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper's recent request, to stop sending Syrian refugees to North Carolina.

Among the crowd was an outspoken former Syrian refugee.

"We landed here. We knew absolutely no English," Osama Idlibi said.

Idlibi says Syrian refugees should not be viewed as a threat, but rather people trying to escape the harsh realities of oppression.

"I have three uncles and a grandfather who were all murdered by the Syrian regime. which is extremely unfortunate so I feel the pain of these refugees. We were lucky enough to escape Syria," Idlibi said.

A spokesperson with Governor McCrory's office says the governor still stands behind his decision. He sent Fox 46 the following statement saying this is what's best, "until the federal government thoroughly reviews and addresses the security gaps acknowledged by FBI Director James Comey."

City Council member John Autry joined in on the rally because he says Charlotte is a diverse city that should welcome all refugees.

The group says they'll keep gathering to demand the federal government from putting a hold on Syrian refugees.