“Proceed at your own risk”: Lancaster County drivers warned about private road

As drivers enter Lancaster County using Regent Parkway in Indian Land they will notice two signs. One of those signs says “Private Road. No Trespassing” the other says “Proceed at your own risk.”

Neighbors tells FOX 46 that several drivers have damaged their cars by hitting potholes on the road.

Regent Parkway is indeed a private road. FOX 46 found documents stretching back to February 26, 2018 where the Lancaster County Council considered taking legal action if the owner of the road put up a blockade.

That blockade never went up, but the road is still owned by a private developer. That developer has tried to hand the road over to the county before, but Lancaster County leaders say the road does not meet their construction standards.

"Lancaster county should probably take it over in reality. With all the homes here, we are paying the taxes but not getting anything for it,” said neighbor, Tom Noyse.

Lancaster County Council said at their February 26 meeting there was a solution being looked at. So far that solution hasn’t been found, since more private road signs went up within the past few weeks.

Neighbors are working together to maintain the road, sometimes going as far as buying cold patch asphalt at the local hardware store to patch potholes.

"I have seen someone do that once before and my wife and I go up and down Regent Parkway picking up trash,” said Noyse.

FOX 46 reached out to the councilmember representing Indian Land, but we are still waiting to hear back.