Property managers call police on tenants complaining about mold, maintenance

Property managers of an east Charlotte apartment complex called the police on residents, organizers and a FOX 46 Charlotte reporter on Tuesday afternoon.

The group gathered to ask questions to management of the Heritage Park apartments surrounding complaints of reported mold and poor maintenance after management did not show up to a scheduled meeting on Friday.

"We feel like the threat of mold is driving people crazy out here with headaches, different aches, and pains in their bodies," resident Sylvia Williams said.

WIlliams is not alone. Cesar Salgado gave FOX 46 Charlotte a tour of his apartment where we observed, what appeared to be, toxic-black mold that was covering his bathroom ceiling, as well as bullet holes in his living room and a broken dishwasher. Salgado said, despite these issues, Heritage Park is attempting to raise his rent $200 per month.

Since FOX 46 Charlotte began investigating, maintenance has cleaned the mold but residents don't believe they know how to properly clean mold since it continues to come back.

They believe the root cause of the mold has not been addressed.

"To my specific apartment [maintenance has come] I want to say maybe, about five times, within the past three or four months," resident Jalisa Wideman said. "All for mold."

"Karma, it's coming back to them," resident Shielie Anderson said about management.

Anderson is also fed up. She said, just this past week, her bathroom ceiling collapsed on top of her head from water damage.

"I screamed," Anderson said. "I had to go to the hospital."

The nonprofit Action NC has stepped in to assist in demands towards management to fix the issues, and a civil lawsuit is being looked into.

"There have been many management companies that these people have gone through over the past few years," Action NC's Jessica Moreno said. "The owners have just let it go."

Management did not attend a meeting held by concerned residents and Action NC on Friday, despite being invited, according to those in attendance. 

Charlotte City Councilman Matt Newton was in attendance and said he's working to help the community, which is in his district, get results.

"This is morally wrong," Newton said.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner-elect, Mark Jerrell, who was also at Friday's meeting, came to observe the complex on Tuesday.

"It's horrible," Jerrell said. "These are horrific conditions that these people are living in."

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to Heritage Park Apartments on Friday but did not hear back. When we showed up on Tuesday, with organizers and residents, they called the police.

CMPD said everyone was within their rights to gather at the complex as residents were involved.

Management did not answer questions.