Property owner could sell Food Truck Friday site

While Food Truck Friday has been a staple in South End since it started in 2012, a new plan could change that as soon as 2016, and not all food truck owners are excited about the possible changes. The site for Food Truck Friday is being considered for redevelopment, which could mean the trucks would have to relocate.

"One of the reasons Ruthie’s of Charlotte has gotten so popular is because of Food Truck Friday. We get calls saying 'when are you coming back to Food Truck Friday,” Ruthie’s of Charlotte owner, Debroah Monroe, said.

"[It’s] definitely a positive for the community, so to see it going away or to see it being replaced with an actual property is devastating." Customer, Reginald Bolding, said.

Gaines Brown owns the property where Food Truck Friday takes place, an event that has helped launch the redevelopment of the south end. Brown allowed the food trucks to use the spot for the last four years as a way to draw people and culture to the neighborhood.

"It was my effort to bring the food truck culture to Charlotte...Be assured that together we can build on the foundation of support from the community and continue to be one of the true gem's of the queen city's crown." He said.

Food truck owners are hopeful the popular weekend event can find a new home.

“We understand we are changing times, certain things have to change, and we just look forward to it hopefully going someplace else and it continuing." Monroe, said.

Brown says the sale is not a done deal. The potential plan will be fine-tuned in the next few months.