Proposed bill targets pit bull owners in South Carolina

Meet rescue pit, Ora-K.

"She stole my heart. I love my dog so much. She is my bestfriend," said Ashley Freeman

What her owner Ashley Freeman doesn't love is a proposed bill by a South Carolina politician that only targets pitbulls.

"My biggest problem with it is that it's a breed specific law. I totally agree cats and dogs should be spay or neutured," said Freeman

The bill would  force pit owners to pay a $500 fee if their pet isn't spay or neutered and registered. Penalities would be a possible misdemeanor, fined at least $1,000 or even jail up to a year. 

"Any dog can be a good dog if you treat them right. They just want love. They are good loyal animals," Freeman said.

Over at the Humane Society of York County, Marybeth Knapp thinks the bill is a great start to help solve over population, but she wishes it wasn't breed specific and feels the bill will punish the wrong people.

"I just don't know if it will impact the right people. If the focus is to really focus on the breeders or the fighters or the people where there is more issues then I'm not sure they would even be touched by it," says Knapp.

Freeman adds there's better ways to curb population aside from fining them.

"I know that it says they are using that money to put it back in the programs for spay and nuetering, but why aren't we just creating the program instead of creating laws," said Freeman.