Protect Yourself Against Charlotte's #1 Scam

The number one scam affecting people in Charlotte this fall is using fear to get their personal information and hard earned cash.

The Better Business Bureau gets hundreds if not thousands of complaints about getting calls from people claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service, says Tom Bartholomy.

“You will never get a call from the IRS saying that you owe money and you have to pay it immediately or face arrest. Anything that has to do with past due taxes is handled through the mail,” said Bartholomy.

He says if you get a call like that, to just hang up the phone. If you don’t, and you end up paying them over the phone, he says you’ll never get that money back.

“That’s why pre-paid debit cards are the preferred method of payment now. It’s not traceable and not retrievable. It’s like giving them cash and watching them drive away,” said Bartholomy.

According to the Better Business Bureau of Charlotte, most of the scammers claiming to be with the IRS are calling from India, using spoofed numbers to look like they’re calling from within the United States or even the IRS itself.