Protester Explains Why, How they Rappelled down Bank of America Stadium

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One of four protesters arrested after two people rappelled from the upper deck of Bank of America stadium Monday night explained to FOX 46 why and how they pulled off the stunt. During the Panthers game, the group revealed a sign that read, "Bank of America Dump Dominion."

Angela Vogel says she was one of two anchors that held a climber in place as they rappelled from the upper deck.

They're fighting a liquefied natural gas export terminal in Cove Point, MD that is being financed by Bank of America. “This facility is being constructed in a place and manner that is endangering people’s lives," she said.

Vogel said none of the four protesters live in the Charlotte area. They decided to protest in Uptown because the stadium is named after Bank of America.

Vogel would not say how they got their climbing equipment in BOA stadium. She said it was her first time inside.

Police charged Vogel and three others with trespassing, resisting arrest and dropping objects at a sporting event. 

Bank of America Stadium doesn't allow the following items inside: 

All balls, including footballs
Bags that are not see-through
Baby seats
Cans and bottles
Folding chairs
Food and drinks
Noise makers, such as horns and bells
Laser pointers
Pets, except service animals 
Seat cushions with covers, zippers, clasps, or pockets 
Selfie Sticks
Video recorders
Any other items that staff deem dangerous