Providence Day cross country heads to the mountains for annual training tradition

The Providence Day high school cross country teams prepared for the upcoming season the only way they know how. By heading up north.

“It’s perfect,” said John Murdter, boys senior captain. “When we did the eleven mile run, you just don’t get that kind of training out in Charlotte during the school week.”

“It’s the first time that the kids are all together as a team,” said Ben Hovis, Providence Day head coach. “We practice all summer, but the kids are all traveling and doing different things, and this is the first time where we’re all together again.”

These annual trips to the Boone area began in 1999. Since they’ve started, the Charger teams have combined for eleven state championships. The girls have won the last two years, and the boys have won five straight. Katie Brown, one of the senior captains on the girls team, said it’s no coincidence.

“Having the team all together before the season even starts gives us a chance to get to know each other as a team and bond as a team and learn how to work together,” Brown said. “(That’s) really important in cross country.”

Cultivating teamwork and conquering the local terrain pay off for the Chargers in the long-run.

“I guess when we get back to Charlotte, those first runs when you hit a hill, it’s kind of like, ‘this is nothing,’” Hovis said.