Publix Facebook Coupon Scam

A coupon on social media says you could save big money at Publix, but the company is warning people of the fraudulent deal.

A savings of $100 at Publix Super Markets is what scammers want you to believe is yours if you just answer a few questions.

Tom Bartholomy from the Better Business Bureau says this is a classic example of "click bait" something that looks intriguing but is designed solely to try and get personal information from you.

"They want other information that they can start to tie together. Like date of birth. If they can get your date of birth and full name and email and physical address they've got enough to start making a pretty good composite of you," Bartholomy  said.

Publix Super Market released a statement saying, "There is a fraudulent Publix coupon circulating on social media that states "$100 off your purchase of $120 or more." This is not supported by Publix and this coupon is not valid at any of our locations. We recommend not participating in the promotion or providing your personal information. Thank you for your patience as we investigate this situation."

The Better Business Bureau says this isn't an uncommon way for scammers to try and reach people. Bartholomy recommends a few tips for consumers. 

"Go to their website first and see what special deals they might have. You'd be amazed what is out there just on their own websites. Then if you want to venture further go to other websites you know you can trust," Bartholomy said.

When cashing in on a deal officials say its always better to be safe than sorry. Bartholomy says thousands of people fall victim to scams like these each year. He says if you see a Facebook post or even a text message with a big deal you should immediately be skeptical and check with the store.