Purple-haired bandit caught on camera stealing from York County Humane Society

A purple-haired bandit was caught on camera stealing straight from a donation box outside of the Humane Society, and FOX 46 discovered that this isn’t the first time she’s done it.

It's around 7:45 in the morning when the unidentified woman comes up to the Human Society building and in about 45 seconds takes off with four trash bags full of donated items meant for the Humane Society of York County.

“Don't just take it. It's money being taken away from the animals,” said Mary Beth Knapp with the York County Humane Society. 

Knapp had cameras installed at one of their drop-off sites. She says this specific thief apparently likes coming here because this is the second time she's been caught on camera.

“The last time was in the middle of the night,” said Knapp. 

Deputies say they have been called there before, but the Humane Society tells FOX 46 there are more cases than have been reported.

The big reason, they say, is because they've been unable to secure the donations because people were ripping off locks.

“It was disturbing for me to watch them do some outdoor shopping in some things we haven't processed yet,” Knapp said. 

The items were meant to be sold to help those looking for a good deal or hitting hard times. Those proceeds would then go towards caring for animals at the shelter. 

Knapp says she understands if the thief was taking it because they were on hard times, but she believes this wasn't the case and the fact that all that stuff was stolen?

“Shame on you for taking from the mouths of our furry friends here,” said Knapp. 

The Humane Society says if you want to drop off donations for their thrift store do so at the thrift store during their regular hours. FOX 46 also reached out to York County deputies to see if they're stepping up patrols.