Queen City welcomes in baby girl as first child in 2017

Charlee Marie Kraft was born at 12:23 a.m. on January 1, 2017. Her birth made her the first baby of 2017 out of the three Charlotte hospitals in the Carolinas HealthCare System. 

"We were just hoping for a happy, healthy baby," said the mother, Lisa Kraft. 

With an original due date of New Year's Eve, both parents weren't expecting a New Year's Day baby. 

"It was an emotional, exciting moment for everyone. Rather it fell on New Year's or not it would've just been as exciting, but with it being on this day it is a little more special," said the father, Jason Kraft.

The birth of Charlee was also emotional for now big sister Paiten Kraft. 

"I thought that I was going to cry and that I'm getting a little baby sister. I've been really wanting a sister," said Paiten. 

As for her brother Austin, he's already thinking of ways to put Charlee to work.

"She's someone else to help with dishes, I guess," said Austin. 

The family says the addition of Charlee is the perfect way to start 2017.

"Just adding another member to the gang it's just great for everyone, it brings everyone's spirits up. It's just something else for everyone to look forward to," said Jason.  

"Nothing could make me happier. It just makes my heart smile, I love it. I couldn't ask for anything more right now," said Lisa.