'Quiet' Gaston County neighborhood rocked by SWAT standoff

A SWAT standoff ended with a bang on Monday. Police say a 58-year-old woman fired shots at officers from her doorway. The woman is now in police custody.

Gaston County Police released gas into her home to get the armed woman to surrender. Her husband called police around 10 a.m. on Monday.

"The lady in the house had a gun, and I know the police had been making shots also," said Angela Curtis.

Gaston County Police say the woman fired five shots in the direction of officers on Mayberry Road in Dallas. When they returned fire with one shot, she retreated inside her home and barricaded herself for hours.

LINK: Gaston County woman surrenders after SWAT situation

"You never know where danger can be, you never know where it's going to come from," said Jody Day who lives down the street.

Negotiators sent a robot inside the camper in attempts to talk with the suspect. When they set off a flash bang releasing gas into the home, she finally surrendered around 6:30 p.m. 

"I was coming to visit the family and got a surprise," said Curtis, who waited in a line of cars while the road remained closed.

Curtis was trying to get to her parent's house who could hear gunshots from across the street.

"It's quiet over here, not too much goes on, but not today," said Curtis.

Police told neighbors to stay inside their houses, worried about kids and older residents. Jody Day tells FOX 46 he is thankful no one was hurt: "I'm thankful God's looking out for us, but I feel sad for whatever was wrong with that lady."

The suspect was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Police say charges are on the way.