Race against the clock to help homeless before dangerous cold

At Charlotte’s Freedom Park the sun was shining Wednesday afternoon and depending on where you walked it looked more like spring.

Walkers didn’t let the looks fool them temperatures still felt like the dead of winter. The few who hit the park were dressed in layers. 

“We are just outside enjoying the sunshine. When you are bundled up it’s not so bad,” said Natalie Stahl.

Volunteers in Gastonia say it was a race against the clock. They knew once that sun went down temperatures would fall to dangerous levels.

They are organized dozens of donated hats and mittens and placed them at local parks for the homeless.

The operation kicks into high gear whenever the temperature is below 25 degrees.

“At those temperatures it doesn’t take long for someone to freeze and even a grown man can freeze in a very short amount of time,” said Doty Scher from Chase The Chill Gaston.

Anyone who would like to help Chase the Chill Gaston can bring donated hats, blankets, gloves and other warms items to Hive Design at 127 West Main Avenue in Gastonia.