Racist, anti-Semitic, anti-cop graffiti painted on trail near UNCC

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County employees are on clean-up duty after racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-cop graffiti was left spray painted on a busy bike trail near UNC-Charlotte Monday. 

A FOX 46 Charlotte viewer sent us photo and video of the vandalism at the Mallard Creek Greenway trail near the college campus. 

Mecklenburg County officials thought everything had been cleaned up, but it wasn't until FOX 46 brought it to their attention that they realized there was even more offensive graffiti out there. 

Graffiti of the f-word followed by the number 12, a number used to describe police narcotics officers, followed by the n-word. Another section was painted using derogatory language to say that "black people aren't people."           

A few yards away from that, the k-word was used, a derogatory term against Jewish people. The graffiti left trail walkers like Travis Hayes almost speechless.

"I got nothing, bro," he told FOX 46. "I'm assuming it's kids, it could be adults, you never know."

County officials told FOX 46 that clean-up crews had been out to the Greenway to remove the offensive speech. However when our cameras arrived, a tarp with racist comments was still there, only torn off the fence. 

Officials said they had painted over the phrases, but were not aware of the writings on the tarp or the graffiti against Jewish people until FOX brought it to their attention. 

Now we're getting results. The county has made Parks and Recreation aware and said it will act quickly to get it removed. 

"It's really sad that people to display their anger or whatever feelings they might have against other races or ethnicities," a trail walker told FOX 46.