Rally against racism held after incidents at Central Cabarrus High School

Just days after Fox 46 broke exclusive stories about alleged racism at Central Cabarrus High School, students and parents are taking action. Monday, they held a rally against racism. 

Madison Ferren is a senior at Central Cabarrus. She left school early Monday to stand with students and parents to say enough is enough to what she calls a culture of racism.

"We need to take a stand. We need to get administration involved. They need to understand what's going on and that we're not going to back down."

Civil rights activist John Barnett says he reached out to Central Cabarrus High School on behalf of two black students who were suspended after they reposted a Snapchat video. The video shows a white girl who says the “n” word. The student who felt targeted by the video and her close friend shared it on social media. They say they were both suspended.

“Went to the school myself. I asked for a meeting. I gave them five days and I never received a response."

Barnett says he’s taking his request for a meeting to the Cabarrus County School's Superintendent.

"We have no choice but to initiate some direct action. He's not only refused to answer us back but other parents as well."

Fox 46 reached out to the Cabarrus County School district about the rally held just outside their offices. We haven't heard back.

In the meantime, Madison says she's standing with her friend and any other student who feels targeted by racism at school.

"It's just not right. The administration isn't handling it in the way it should be handled."