Rand Paul brings campaign to Rock Hill, now seeking Scott Walker supporters

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul made a campaign stop in Rock Hill Wednesday to gain more supporters and make a big announcement.

Paul has now received his first endorsement from a South Carolina representative, Congressman Mick Mulvaney.

With 15 candidates running for the Republican nomination, a new poll shows Paul is in eighth place at 4% while Donald Trump is in first place with 24%.

We asked him what he thinks about Trump's campaign and if he takes him seriously.

“I do think Donald Trump is a fake conservative and I think he is putting on an act. And he's tricked some people for a while, but you can't trick people for long. I think ultimately people are going to look for somebody more serious,” he said.

Political experts tell us Paul currently appeals to Conservative Libertarians who are tea party friendly and favor a small government.

Paul also is looking to re-strategize now that Scott Walker has dropped out of the race. He wants to attract Walker’s supporters to now support him. Walker ran on a non-union platform.

“I think his message that was a pro-business Republican is one that there will be some overlap and there will be some of his supporters who will come our way,” Paul said.

He believes his campaign can gain more momentum if he is quick enough to snag Walker supporters before another candidate does.

Paul also addressed Ben Carson's comments about not supporting a Muslim who would want to run for president someday.

“To me, it wouldn't be something that I would say absolutely no. But I would ask, if there was a Muslim running for office, do you believe in stoning to death someone for adultery?  Do you believe in chopping hands off for stealing,” he said.

Paul believes it is going to take a couple more debates for the campaign to focus on serious candidates.

For now, he's hoping Trump doesn't last long in the race.