Randall Kerrick retrial could impact Roy Cooper's poltical future

The deliberations have switched from inside the courtroom to Raleigh as Attorney General Roy Cooper weighs the decision whether to once again indict CMPD officer Randall Kerrick on a voluntary manslaughter charge.

It's a major decision for Cooper and something political insiders across the state will be watching. The decision Cooper makes could impact his run for Governor.

But according to Dr. Jason Husser, a political scientist at Elon University, Cooper would be unwise to make a decision on a retrial based on 2016 aspirations.

"The Kerrick trial is not something that has a lot of potential for helping Cooper," Husser said. "He's not going to be able to win over moderates by deciding whether to run this trial one way or another."

Husser says Cooper's strategy should be focused on some of the unpopular decisions made in Raleigh during Governor Pat McCrory's tenure.

Attorney General Cooper's office has signaled a decision could be made in the coming days. After the ruling, Jonathan Ferrell's family called for a retrial right away. At a news conference Wednesday, Kerrick's attorneys said they hope Cooper listens to majority of the jury.

"You've got 12 citizens, eight of which voted not guilty after hearing everything they possibly could about this case," Attorney George Laughruns said. "You would hope Cooper would look at that and say we've given it our best shot, it's time to move on."