Random sexual assault cases on the rise in Charlotte

Sexual assaults committed by strangers on the rise this year across the Queen City.

Last time I looked we were at 14 stranger cases compared to nine at this point last year," said Capt Rob Dance. 

This comes after Thursday's attempted sexual assault on Briarhill Drive where a masked man broke into a woman's house and tried to assault her.

Police believe the suspect in this case could also be the same person involved in up to five more similar cases that happened back on May 13.

Over at Evolution Fitness of Concord owner Shawn Burton teaches a form of self-defense. He says more and more women have signed up for classes.

"In the past five years, very significant. I would say it has more than doubled," said Burton.

Besides teaching self-defense methods, he says some of the best advice is to know the basics.

Don't second guess anything and don't be afraid to ask anybody for help," he said. 

Police are asking for help as well. While they are gaining a profile on whom this suspect might be, they are urging the public that your lead could be the key to take this man off the streets.