Relief for South Carolina flooding

Two local organizations are armed and ready to go. The Salvation Army and the National Guard are both sending organizers, volunteers and army units to help with the relief effort's not too far from home. Parts of Columbia, South Carolina and Charleston are suffering from severe flooding and people are in need of help.

The Army National Guard will take these Humvees which can travel through high-water and hold a large number of people and supplies. They plan on helping with water rescues and evacuations.

Meanwhile the Salvation Army is armed with bottled water and hot coffee and a helping hand. They have around 1,000 bottles of water and enough coffee for around 4,000 people. Volunteers can provide support and lend a hand for those who are trying to piece their life together.

The Salvation Army is prepared to stay at least a week and can stay longer if needed, while the National Guard says they'll stay until the bitter-end especially when things get tough as people start putting the pieces back together.