Report: CMPD candidate who collapsed during training died due to hyperthermia

A newly hired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police candidate, who collapsed and died during training exercises last month, passed away due to hyperthermia, according to an autopsy report from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s Office.

According to a report from the NC State Chief Medical Examiner’s Office, Jeremy Moseley had an internal temperature of 105.9 degrees two hours after his collapse.

On July 5, Moseley and other candidates were conducting state mandated physical fitness training when he collapsed.

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Moseley had a history of asthma, but the medical examiner said there was no recent exacerbation reported. He was taking herbal supplements for weight loss, according to the state report. It’s unclear what effect the supplements had on his electrolyte balance.

Originally from Queens, NY, Moseley, 29, moved to the Charlotte area in 2015 to begin a career with CMPD. He was hired on June 27 and was a member of the 174th recruit class.

In a previous interview Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney called Jeremy “A man deeply committed and eager to serve as a guardian of our community.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released this statement Wednesday: 

"The Moseley family and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department suffered a great loss following the death of Jeremy Moseley. Jeremy was a young man who was deeply committed to becoming a guardian of our community and engaged in the state mandated physical training necessary to become a police officer.

We are aware of the recently released Medical Examiner’s report listing Jeremy’s death as an accident. The CMPD’s Training Academy staff strives to ensure the well-being of our academy recruits and schedules outdoor physical fitness training in the morning hours when the temperature is cooler and the humidity is lower.  

Additionally, the academy staff constantly stresses the importance of proactively hydrating hours prior to and after physical training.  This critical information is constantly reinforced during the course of the 24 weeks of physical training.

This tragic accident serves as a reminder of the inherent risks and physical demands associated with our profession.

We ask that you continue to keep Jeremy’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers."