Report: Keith Lamont Scott died from two gunshot wounds to the back

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The results of an independent, private autopsy of Keith Lamont Scott have been released. 

The private autopsy performed on Keith Scott was the second autopsy done upon the request of Scott's wife. The examination was performed in the Newberry County Memorial Hospital Morgue at 9:00 a.m. on September 30. 

Autopsy findings include two penetrating and one perforating indeterminate range gunshot wounds. Gunshot wounds are to the left back, left abdomen and left wrist. 

Autopsy findings also include rib fractures, vertebral fracture of L4-5, left wrist fractures, and a left lower pulmonary lobe perforation.

According to the report, it is the opinion of the prosectors after review of the history and autopsy findings on Keith Lamont Scott, the cause of death is two, penetrating, indeterminate range gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen. 

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Charles G. Monnett, one of the attorneys for the Scott family, released this statement: 

"Keith Scott's family was forced to conduct this independent autopsy because the medical examiner refused to release even the most basic information about his wounds or cause of his death.

We believe the first shot fired was the shot that struck Keith in the back and ultimately killed him. 

The Scott family authorized this release of information because, as they have maintained from the very beginning, they are simply seeking transparency.   

We will continue to pursue justice for this family."