Report: Major League Soccer coming to the Queen City

It’s no secret that Major League Soccer is eying the Queen City for their next expansion. The idea of Charlotte becoming the newest city for an MLS team has been swirling for quite some time.  

Many knew Charlotte was on the front line of the cities vying for the 30th team and that a decision would be coming soon, but no formal announcement was made Thursday when many expected it.

Right now, we only know that MLS had league meetings today in New York that Panthers owner David Tepper and team president Tom Glick attended. 

On Tuesday, sources reported that Tepper said he would pledge $425 million out of his own pocket to bring MLS to Charlotte. 


Tepper is a man who's delivered on everything he's promised so far from a new practice facility location to bringing more than just football games to Bank of America Stadium, so bringing an MLS team to the QC would be another promise he makes good on.

We now know that MLS will make the formal announcement of the next expansion team in the selected city, not New York. There are several reports that the formal announcement will be made on Dec.17, but that is not confirmed at this time. 

FOX 46 spoke with a source Thursday with connections to the MLS who indicated that Charlotte will be the city they choose, so for now, it looks like soccer is coming to the QC.