Report: There's scientific proof taking a girls' trip is good for your health

View of Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa in Providenciales, Turks And Caicos Islands. (Getty Images)

Clear your schedule and pack your bags, because you’re going on a girls’ trip! Southern Living reports that taking an occasional girls’ trip to get away from work and family is great for your health. 

The magazine attributes several scientific studies as well as research by multiple psychologists.

"While we all love our families, it has been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy, lower chances of heart disease, and even help us better tolerate pain." 

Psychologists said they were able to predict how many friends a person has by how much pain they were able to withstand. And in 2016 researchers found evidence that spending time with friends can increase production of oxytocin, the “feel good cuddle hormone.”

Ready for a little getaway but have no idea where to go? 

The magazine points out several scientific studies that have shown the beach is good for your brain as it can make you relaxed and re-energized