Rescue brings in 42 dogs in Weddington

Peanut's Place Small Breed Rescue in Weddington rescued 42 dogs from what it said were unbearable living conditions.

"The stench was overpowering," Peanut's Place Small Breed Rescue's Colleen Sowers said. "These dogs were living in squaller, horrible living conditions, tumors."

The rescue took place in Beulaville, N.C. after a tipster discovered the dogs when responding to a Craig's List ad. The family was said to be "backyard breeders" and had more than 100 dogs inside the home.

"I called the woman who posted the ad and she agreed that she was overwhelmed," Sowers said.

The rescue said it has spent more than $6,000 in vet bills on these dogs. It is still looking for foster families -- as well as people to adopt the dogs.

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