Residents, road crews prepare for winter weather

Better safe than sorry: many are getting a head start on the winter weather, including transportation officials and residents.

Long-time Charlottean Cathy Browning knows all too well how important it is to prepare for winter weather.

“You have to think ahead,” said Browning.

And thinking ahead means heeding to warnings and stock up on items essential to keeping both your car and your home in working order.

“I came for a shovel and ice melt spreader and ice melt,” Browning said.

Ice melt was also on Nathan Gray's shopping list.

“We live on a hill and want to make sure there is no liability against us,” said Gray.

From protecting your liability to protecting your pocketbook, products like faucet covers and pipe insulation are a must have.

“With the pipe insulation, you don't want a busted pipe and you have to call a plumber in,” said Brynes. “That could cost thousands of dollars to get the pipe replaced and cause additional damage to the home, as well.”

You also don't want to cause damage to your car. And local transportation officials are right there with you, which is why crews were out early Wednesday to begin treating area roadways.

“We’re out brining the primary routes, which are interstates, NC routes and other routes that are necessary,” said NCDOT Communications Officer Jordan-Ashley Walker.

Right now, NCDOT is primarily focused on roadways in counties west of Charlotte. However, should weather conditions shift, they will respond accordingly. In the meantime, they urge residents, like Browning, to do their part in protecting themselves on the road and at home.

The City of Charlotte is warning that there could be changes to city services including buses and the link system, you can go to and click under inclement weather for updates.