Residents vote against incorporation; Indian Land will not become town

Residents in Lancaster County have been talking about whether or not to incorporate and become the town of Indian Land for years, 

On Tuesday, voters cast their ballots and 83 percent decided they didn’t want to become a town, with 1,853 in favor and 9,086 against.  

42.5 percent of voters turned out to the polls and one by one briefcases full of ballots from each of the 11 polling locations were brought in and counted. We asked voters in Sun City whether they were for or against incorporation. 

"I'm against it. I think there's enough government around here we don't need to put out another government and dot even know which direction that government could go because it's non-existent right now," said John Hawk, who voted against incorporation.

Sun City resident Carol Robak said "I voted not. And why? Because I live in Sun City and it's not really any benefit to Sun City and I think the only reason people are voting yes is to stop the growth down here.

"I think the only benefit of incorporation is that you can establish your own future. For too long this particular area of the panhandle has not had really any vote or anything toward the future and there's probably some financial advantages to that," said Jim Bells, who feels Indian Land should be incorporated, but not at this time. 

Some say they thought the timing was bad for the vote because there wasn't enough clear cut information being presented. 

"Right now it's all emotions and both parties have done nothing but presented emotions, not a lot of facts," one voter said.

"They think that it will be less expensive that taxes will be less but I don't think that. I think taxes will go up because you have to pay for all the employees," said another. 

Resident Joe Wray says he feels like Indian Land is a "cash cow" for Lancaster County.

"The people that were against it believe the taxes will go up and the evidence was not clear. I think they certainly would go up some but it wasn't clear," he said. 

We're told the election results will be certified Thursday morning.