Reward offered for package stealing memaw in a minivan

A granny with sticky fingers is accused of stealing packages from more homes in Sardis Forest. 

Victims tell FOX 46 that she looks like she is a pro, pulling up into driveways and taking packages off porches before driving off. They're asking for the public's help catching this "memaw in a minivan."

"Your day is coming granny, your day is coming," said Brad Wiedner.

Wiedner was eating lunch when he got a motion alert on his nest camera. When he saw the video, he thought the unsuspecting woman was coming to sell cookies.

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"She got out, she went straight for my package, picked it up, went right back in her car and drove away. Seems like she's done it a lot and there's also other people who have commented and shown their video, it's the same lady. So, she's obviously hitting the Charlotte area."

A FOX 46 viewer posted another video to our Facebook page of what appears to be the same woman stealing a package from a neighbors porch in Mooresville. A third video surfaced, again showing the same car and what looks like the same woman. 

"In shock, just honestly shock. I didn't think it would happen in this neighborhood it's a great neighborhood, a lot of great families, a lot of great people and you always hear about it happening but you never think it's gonna happen to yourself."

A reward is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the porch pirate.