Ring cameras grow in popularity, catch incidents across area

This Christmas, they're one of the hottest gifts: Ring cameras.

As FOX 46 found out, they're catching more than the eye meets across our area neighborhoods, such as wandering pooches, unwelcome wildlife, kids playing pranks and people snooping as they pass by. 

Videos from several neighbors across Charlotte also show that they're catching people at their worst. 

One Ring video from the North Lake neighborhood, for example, shows a woman slowly make her way up a stranger's driveway, snatch a package from the porch and take off. 

In Madison Park, a thief was caught in the act. He knows there is a camera at the door, so he hides his face, takes what's not his and runs off.

“I looked at the video and I saw what was going on and said 'this doesn't look like the post office,'" a homeowner told FOX 46.

In Gastonia, a Grinch pulls up to a home on Cypress Oak Ln. in the Huntington Forest neighborhood runs up to the front door and snatches a gift. 

"I’m just hoping my Ring is the key to finding this person," he said. 

But now, some people are getting fed up with these porch pirates, and they’re fighting back.

"When I was cleaning the backyard it struck: I filled a week's worth of dog poop in a nice Amazon package for him to pick up," a woman said.

Call it smelly revenge for the man accused of stealing something that doesn't belong to him.

And as one man in the First Ward neighborhood puts it, neighbors need to look out for neighbors.

"As a community other neighbors together if we can stick together and help each other out.”