Road rage incidents on the rise in Charlotte

Angry and aggressive drivers are dominating the roads now more than ever, and some are scaring others so badly they're left with no choice but to call 911.

You probably see it for yourself, especially in the rush hour traffic, and many Charlotte drivers told FOX 46 that is when the road rage is usually at its highest.

“I find myself getting impatient sometimes, and I also wonder about some of the other drivers and where they got their driver's license,” Ward Wentzel said.

We asked drivers in Charlotte what they see, and even for those who say they don't travel that far, they see a lot of aggression.

“It seems like everybody's in a hurry to get somewhere,” said Rhonda Tyson.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol says they’re are seeing more calls, and North Carolina isn't the only state.

AAA studies have shown road rage nationwide has gone up. Here in North Carolina, and specifically Charlotte, the people we spoke with say the reason for it is pretty clear: Congestion.

“You drive down the street and see all the apartment buildings showing up and all this housing...and you're wondering where all these people going to drive or park,” Wentzel said.

“Charlotte's becoming popular. That contributes to the traffic here,” Jackee Neely told FOX 46.

Until then, authorities are urging drivers to not lose their patience and, quite simply, be nice.

“I’ve had occasional...flipping off, but not the yelling,” said Tyson.

As always, authorities say if road rage gets physically violent or if a weapon gets involved, always call 911, whether you are a witness or a victim.