Robberies reported at south Charlotte businesses; thieves caught on camera

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Thieves broke several windows and got away with cash at two south Charlotte businesses this week. 

'You may have broken our windows and stolen our money, but our hearts shall not be broken,’ a sign reads outside of Pasta and Provisions on Park Rd. 

Next door at Brawley's where windows were also broken and money stolen, another message reads 'still thankful.’

There’s a good chance they may both get justice because luckily, the thieves were caught on camera. 

The suspects could be seen rummaging through the register, even taking the tip jar, and in one instance stole items while wearing an elf hat, all on Christmas Eve.

“I just had a Christmas morning and then I got the call,” said Brawley’s owner Michael Brawley. 

Brawley’s Beverages with the business hit by the 'elf'.

“The change box, which didn't have a lot of money, the tip jar, which, unfortunately left on the counter,” Brawley said of the items taken from his bar.

Pasta and Provisions has reportedly been hit several times in the past few days, with each of those thefts caught on camera.The pictures are relatively clear, and you can make out the faces of the thieves.

Brawley believes all of these robberies are related.

“[It's] someone that obviously lives in the neighborhood, within walking distance, and I think we're going to find out who they are pretty soon,” Brawley said. 

While they work to find that out, they're not letting the thieves ruin their spirits. Both businesses put the messages up on the boards covering the damage, showing their love to the community that's supported them, and their resilience.

“We have a business supports four families and three elementary kids and a college kid, and we have a lot to be thankful for,” said Brawley.

He says this is the first time he's ever had had to call police to his business, and he wants it to be the last.

“I can't wait until these people are caught.” 

Brawley's was open on Wednesday, despite the wood replacing glass panes around the building.

At Pasta and Provisions next door, they were already scheduled to be closed on Wednesday, but will be back open tomorrow.

Brawley's and Pasta and Provisions are organizing reward money for anyone who has any information on the thieves. If you have any information on who they might be, you are asked to call CMPD.