Robotic simulations help to train medical professionals

Robotic simulators are one of the many tools helping to train medical professional in the Carolinas.

Dr. Christyn Magill cares for sick children at Atrium Health in Charlotte. She utilizes Carolinas Simulation Center to teach other how to do the same.

"When you have the abilitty to practice in simulation center with equipment this high tech, when you walk into the room with a real patient, you know exactly what to do," she said.

Outside the simulation room, computers control the robot's symptoms. They can also create complications in a moments notice.

From communication to execustion, medical professionals perfect best pratices. The center also has a tech crew, make up artisits, and actors who play family members or patients who have questions and feelings.

"How do I make sure I'm an excellent team member on whatever team I'm on," said Dawn Swiderski, Director of the Carolinas Simulation Center. "Just like professional teams in sports practice, we practice in that safe environment."