Rock Hill business wants cameras installed after several dead dogs dumped outside

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A Rock Hill business wants to install security cameras after they tell police too many dogs have been dumped near their site.

PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of animal cruelty charges after a pit bull's body was found on Industrial Drive by an employee of the Rock Hill business.

"What we want is for dog fighting to cease. We want the ill-treatment of animals to cease," said Rock Hill Police spokesperson Michael Chavis.

Authorities say the pit bull was one or two years old and was found with a black muzzle.

LINK: $5K reward offered after dead pit bull with fight injuries found dumped in Rock Hill

"These dogs are used and forced to fight again and again," said Kristin Rickman, PETA emergency response division manager. "A lot of times with fighting dogs you will see injuries that are old and scared over as well as injuries that are more fresh."

Rickman says the injuries on the pit bull found on Industrial Drive are consistent with dog fighting injuries. Dogs forced to fight usually have scars on their face and hind legs.

She encourages neighbors to keep a close eye on pets or keep them inside: "Dog fighters are known to snatch dogs and other animals right out of someone's front yard, in order to use them as bait animals to train their fighting dogs."