Rock Hill community members meet to discuss growing gun violence

Gun violence is becoming a growing issue in Rock Hill, and neighbors are saying enough is enough.

Addressing the gun violence was a big item at a Wednesday night forum, but a lot of it also dealt with issues that have becoming all too familiar for other areas-- interactions with police, schools and the African American community in connection to the violence. 

“Until we speak up, families are going to continue to suffer,” Reverend Herbert Crump said at the forum. 

Rock Hill has been no stranger to gun violence, and the forum was seen as a way to deal with it. Councilwoman Nikita Jackson’s district has seen a lot of it, and told FOX 46 the violence, for them, can fester somewhere else.

“We’ve got to see what's happening in the city of Rock Hill, is it seeping into our school system?” Jackson said.

Some offered up suggestions, saying community outreach will be key to solving this problem. 

“We need to get more into these communities, and into these neighborhoods,” neighbor Darlene Mansfield said. 

Others say it’s critical to reach out to youth before it’s too late. 

“When I grew up, I was a latchkey kid, my neighbors knew what I was doing. Where I live now, my neighbors don't know the comings and goings of my kids, it's a different time. The big thing is reaching kids now in a different time,” said Sherille Barber, member of the Rock Hill chapter of Delta Signa Theta. 

Delta Sigma Theta put on the forum here tonight. They say they will be meeting with city leaders about problem areas. FOX 46 will keep track of their efforts to get results.

“We can pray about it, shout about it, meet about it, but change will never come until we commit ourselves to make the change,” Crump said.