Rock Hill man accused of leaving 5 children home without food or water

A man is facing charges after police said he left five children, ages 2 to 8-years-old, home alone without any food or water, according to the Rock Hill Police Department. 

Clifton Greene is charged with five counts of unlawful conduct towards a child. 

On Saturday, August 11, an officer was in the area of Cherry Road when he was approached by an 8-year-old boy was was visibly upset. The child told the officer that he and his four siblings were home alone. The boy handed the officer a cell phone, and a woman on the other end explained how she was leaving work to come back to the house. 

The woman told police she left her five children in the care of Greene, who she said watches her kids for her while she's at work. 

Greene was reportedly drinking alcohol with the children around and told the kids "he was leaving." Police said Greene left the kids alone for at least 30 minutes before an officer arrived at the house. 

All five children were found in "deplorable conditions," police said. The 2-year-old did not have a diaper on and had marker all over him. He was also walking in feces that was on the ground, police said. 

There was no food in the house and beer bottles were also in reach of the children, police said. 

Greene arrived back at the house shortly after and was placed under arrest. DSS was also called.