Rock Hill Police: Belk worker attacked by shoplifters

Police in Rock Hill are trying to track down a pair of shoplifters accused of attacking a Belk worker at the Galleria Mall with pepper spray.

“I think that’s awful. They ain’t got nothing better to do?” asked shopper and Rock Hill resident Carolyn Jones.

“This is really terrible,” said shopper Reed Waden, Jr.

“We’re not safe anywhere. How about that? You know if you’re not safe in church, you’re not safe in the shopping center,” Jones said.

Just before 10:00 p.m. on Monday, police were called to the Belk store after they say two women came in the store and stole almost 50 items, adding up to more than $1,100 worth of clothes.

Then suddenly their shoplifting spree turned violent, according to investigators.

One of the workers at Belk followed the suspects out to the parking lot and tried to stop them as they were getting away in a car. That’s when police say one of the suspects turned and sprayed the worker in the face with pepper spray.

“I guess society now it just seems like everybody wants everything for free. They don’t want to work for it. People worked hard for what they got, and then somebody comes along and wants to steal it.” Waden, Jr. said.

Jones is afraid others will feel uneasy shopping, especially during the holidays. FOX 46 Charlotte checked with Rock Hill Police, and they say they’ll have extra patrols out for Black Friday. They’re also checking surveillance video to try and track down the shoplifters.

“It’s a bad situation just about everywhere these days. People’s moral values, it seems like it’s just declining,” Waden, Jr. said.