Rock Hill Police looking for second suspect in child abuse case

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Suspect: Rkeem Moffatt 

Rock Hill Police are asking for the public's helping in finding the second suspect in a child abuse investigation.

Rkeem Moffatt is, 21, is on the run from police as he knows they have a warrant for his arrest for unlawful conduct toward a child, according to Rock Hill Police. Moffatt is 5 foot 6 inches and 150 pounds. 

Sabrina Culp was arrested as part of the investigation involving her 2-year-old daughter.

Police responded to the home off Keiger Place on Saturday, September 26. When they arrived they heard arguing, but police say the scene was under control. Officers noticed bruising and a laceration on the child's head while on the way to the hospital.

Culp was arrested at the hospital for unlawful conduct towards a child. She told police that she left her daughter in the care of Moffatt and noticed marks on her child when she arrived home from work.

Anyone with information on Moffatt's whereabouts, please contact York County Crime Stoppers at 877-409-4321