Rock Hill Police looking for suspect in convenience store armed robbery

Rock Hill Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place at a convenience store Monday night.

Officers responded to the One Stop Convenience Store on W.  Main Street at 7:30 p.m. in regards to an armed robbery.

When officers arrived the clerk working the store told police she watched a man in a black mask approach the store. She hid in a closet on the opposite wall from the cash register and counter and was able to watch the man without being seen.

She told police the man walked up to the counter and waited a moment. He reached over the counter and opened the cash drawer with a key that was left in the lock. She told police he had a silver handgun.

She told police the man left and then returned and took the cash drawer with him and left the store.

Officers secured the scene and K9 arrived on scene. They were unable to detect a trail. Officers observed the in store security recording which showed the subject walking up to the business, enter the store, take the cash and cash drawer and showed the handgun. The video also shows the man run behind the building and disappear off camera prior to being able to see if he left on foot or in a vehicle. 

$80.00 in cash was taken from the drawer. The is an ongoing investigation.