Rock Hill Police looking for suspects in attempted murder

The Rock Hill Police Department is investigating an overnight attempted murder.

On Monday officers were called out to S. Cherry Road in reference to a shots fired call. An officer arrived on scene and spoke with the person who called as well as the victim's girlfriend.

The girlfriend told the officer that her boyfriend came into the house running saying that someone had a gun and that's when she heard a loud bang at the back door. She told the officer it blew a hole through her back door, according to police.

The officer spoke to the victim who said that he was taking out the trash and saw two men standing by the trash can. He told the officer he startled one of them because he was urinating outside.

The victim told police he bent down and when he came back up another man pulled a shotgun in his face and told him to "lay it down" several times.

The victim described the man as wearing all black, with a black bandana on his face and a black beanie.

The victim said he told the man he didn't have anything and that's when he ran inside the house, telling his girlfriend, "he has a gun," closing the door behind him. 

He told police as he ran the other man ran behind him and let a shot off at him. 

This case is under investigation.