Rock Hill Superintendent to apologize Thursday over cotton-picking field trip

The superintendent for Rock Hill Schools will make a public apology Thursday, according to the NAACP, where he will admit that a district-mandated field trip that involved cotton-picking while singing what sounded to some like a 'slave song' was a mistake.  

Superintendent Dr. Bill Cook will make a public apology Thursday March 21 at 6:30 pm at the Kenneth Monroe Transformation Center in Rock Hill, S.C, according to the NAACP. 

Anyone whow as offended by the field trip is encouraged to attend. 

Rock Hill Schools declined to comment. 

For 15 years, fifth graders have attended a "live history" lesson about the Great Depression at the Carroll School, a landmark education building, built by and for African Americans in 1929. Part of that history lesson, according to video obtained and first reported by FOX 46, involves students picking cottong as a game. Students are instructed to sing: "I like it when you pick like that, I like it when fill your sack, I like it when you don't talk back, Make money for me."

Rock Hill Schools initailly defended the field trip and dismissed criticism. After the trip received negative national attention, district officials backpeddled and announced the cotton-picking and singing portions would be "immediately" eliminated. 

District officials met with the Rock Hill NAACP and promised "sensitivity training" would be implemented, according to chapter president Dorene Boular.