Rock Hill woman provides prom attire for those who can't afford it

A Rock Hill woman is making sure high school students can afford to go to prom, and she's operating it all out of her own home.

It's a memorable night of glitz and glam that Rock Hill resident Neasey Bodily wants to make sure all high school students attend if they want to.

"Most kids will say they don't want to go to prom because they don't want to burden their parents and they just don't go, and I want them to be able to experience it if they can," Bodily said. 

That's why she's trying to ease that burden, providing free gowns and tuxedos for high school students who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford prom attire.

"Most are donated by members of the community," Bodily said.

She got the idea after helping a  young girl who needed a dress.  She posted about it in two mom's groups on Facebook and the responses she received were overwhelming.

"It got me thinking how many more kids need a dress," Bodily said. "With all the donations, I started a page up and got the word out that I was helping our youth and the county and surrounding counties to get attire so they don't have to worry about it."

Her Facebook page is Prom Angels York County.  People can go there to get in touch with her for donations and/or if they're in need of something to wear come prom night.

"Completely free, they come try it on and if they like it, they take it home that day."

So, in her dining room, dozens of dresses hang of all sizes-- just waiting to be worn on this special night.

"That is the biggest reward in and of itself it makes me extremely happy to think that though this is chaotic and stretching me completely thin, by my efforts to make a difference in these kids to have one memorable moment before they graduate is a huge reward to me and a blessing in itself," said Bodily.

She's hoping her message of love and giving will be passed along for generations to come.

"The world as it is can be a hard place, and by these kids seeing there's someone out there that will do a kind gesture-- maybe they will pay it forward when they get older and do something for someone else."

Students who need attire are kept anonymous.

If you need something to wear or are interested in helping out, you can message Bodily on her Facebook page, Prom Angels York County. Donations for boys are currently needed.