Rock Hill woman who claims police used excessive force during arrest gets lawyers

Two days after 53-year-old Patricia Pizer says a Rock Hill police officer used excessive force arresting her she returned to the Quik Trip she was arrested at bringing along her two attorneys.

Her attorney's surveyed the gas station and conducted interviews with both Patricia and her husband about what they remember from Wednesday evening's arrest.

According to Pizer, the arrest left her with broken teeth, a fractured skull and separated shoulder and many cuts and bruises.

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The Rock Hill Police Department stated Thursday the arrest was a lawful arrest and that was force was necessary. They also stated her only injuries included abrasions and a possible chipped tooth.

She was arrested for r assaulting an officer while resisting arrest.

Her attorney's tell me they feel what happened to Pizer during her arrest shouldn't have happened. 

They have not seen any surveillance video but tell me they are in the process of subpoenaing the gas station to look at the video.