Rocky River High football coach accused of strangling woman suspended without pay

A Rocky River High School coach was suspended after he was arrested and charged with strangling a woman.

"I was very surprised because I wouldn't think any teacher here would do such a thing," senior Nia Hill said. 

The suspect, 29-year-old Jordan Woods has been teaching at Rocky River High School for a year and a half, according to CMS.

“I had seen him the other day and I never thought he would have done something like that,” Terrell Grier, also a senior at the school, told FOX 46.

The news spread quickly across social media, students say. They weren’t told about the incident by the school.

"I heard about it on Instagram. People put it on Instagram. Honestly, no one has really discussed it at school or talked about it,” Hill said. 

"What do you think the school should have done-- tell the students or not tell the students?" FOX 46’s Carolina Fountain asked one student. 

"Not necessarily the students, but the parents have a right to know," the student said.

Woods has been suspended since February 1, according to CMS, but he's still getting paid. Hill says that's ok by her.

"We don't really know if he did or didn't do it. He deserves to get paid just like everybody else."

CMS did not release a statement on Woods' arrest and charges.