Rocky River High School students mourn loss of classmate killed in crash

Students at Rocky River High School say tell they didn't learn about the tragic death of a fellow classmate after school was dismissed on Friday. They say the school didn't tell them what happened, but eventually word got around.

"Yeah it's too much to deal with. Imagine losing your friend, it's hard," said student Alvaro Flores.

They were shocked to hear that 16-year old Modesty Shelton was killed in a car crash the morning of Nov. 9.

"They said Modesty and I was like ‘I know Modesty because I had Spanish with her in sixth grade and we use to be at the back of the classroom and hang out and not pay attention.’ So like when I heard I was like ‘she just turned 16, she's so young,’ so it was really sad," Jayda Hatchell told FOX 46.

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Police responded to the 12000 block of Lawyers Rd. in Mint Hill just before 7:00 a.m. Police say it appears Shelton was speeding, lost control of her car, crossed the center lane and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene. 

"Drive safe. Just drive safe. Put your seatbelt on. There's no rush really if you're late you're late, if you're early you're early," another student said.

Students say they’re dealing with a lot of stress after a Butler High School student-- which many of them knew-- was shot and killed. Last week, the school was placed on modified lockdown when a threat was made on social media, now this. 

"It's like really tense, like it's literally like something came over Mint Hill and just like something's happening and it's us,” Hatchell said.

However, when students think of Shelton they remember how she made them smile.

"She was really fun, really goofy. Like if she was there it was not a dull moment. She was really cool."