Rocky River HS on modified lockdown due to 'possible tensions' following Butler shooting

Rocky River High School in Mint Hill is on a modified lockdown Thursday in response to rumors of 'possible tensions' following Monday's fatal shooting at Butler High School in Matthews. 

Rocky River High School said the decision to be on a modified lockdown Thursday was done so as a precautionary measure only. 

"In these tense times, we want to be proactive to help ensure a sense of safety on our campus for all our students, for you and for our staff. As a precautionary measure only, Rocky River will have increased security measures and will be operating on a modified lockdown today," Principal Ericia Turner said in a statement. 

A modified lockdown means that all adults will be in hallways during transitions and all classroom doors locked during class times.

"We are implementing these measures in response to rumors of possible tensions following Monday’s events at Butler HS. I understand that this information could possibly be alarming, but I want to assure you again that these measures are precautionary. I also want you to know that when we have information we think you would want to know, we will err on the side of caution and I will share it with you," Turner said. 

Principal Turner went on to say, "Our community experienced a tragedy on Monday in one of our schools and I know students feel additional pressures right now. Please talk to them, be mindful of any changes in behavior and know that counseling is available to them here at Rocky River.  I thank you for your support of Rocky River HS and I will call you with an updates necessary."